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Ritual Hair Magic + Three practices to try

Dec 02, 2020

Our hair is our crown and glory. It has so many cosmic connections. It is part of our crown chakra which connects us to our highest selves and our spirit. For centuries many cultures have had different forms of hair magic practises and have worked with hair through spellwork, conjure, healing, self expression and even political statments.

Marie Laveau the promenant Voodoo preistess who was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisianna in the 1800's, worked with hair in a magical and mundane sense. She incorporated hair as a way to create magical conjure and connect on a much deeper level with her clients, finding out thier most hidden secrets. Further enforcing the concept of weaving magical practices into daily life.   

Joan of arc made her stance when she cut her long locks off to a very short hairstyle to make herself look more like her male soldiers. This was quite a taboo thing to do for the times as womans hair was seen as long and feminine. She cut her hair as a way to...

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Self-Care vs. Self-Investment

Sep 22, 2020

How much have you invested in yourself today? 

I make it a point to ask myself that question at the end of every day. Not so long ago, I heard this speech about how to be successful. The speaker talked about seeing yourself as a CEO and your life as the company you manage. He went on to talk about self-investment and how important it is to make sure you always have your life’s best and most profitable plan in mind. 

It got me thinking about many sessions I’ve had with my therapist over the years. She often tells me something similar and we have an exercise where I talk to the psychological board members of my life. She’s not just my therapist but also my business coach since she offers both services. She is always telling me that I need to re-invest 25% of what I make into myself. 

But it isn’t enough to invest in yourself financially. Sure you should buy that dream car, take a vacation, sign up for that workshop, or upgrade your wardrobe....

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