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Yule Traditions - Old Ways, New Magic!

Dec 08, 2020

How does one celebrate Yule as a modern day Pagan? It can be challenging to say the least as the sabbats are all rooted in life on the farm and working with the natural cycles as a means of both survival and celebration. While most of us may not live on farms these days, that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to celebrate the traditions our ancestors held dear. We will now review some of the more modern yule celebrations and practices so that you have an idea of how to incorporate the elements of winter into your mundane lives. Let’s start with some of the elements of winter and how they can easily apply to the modern world. 


The cycle of life and death plays a critical role in Yule. We are familiar with life, action, energy and vitality but so rarely do we spend enough time contemplating the energy of death. Everything comes to a halt in winter. Trees are barren, animals are nestled in their dens and the conditions make it impossible for...

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