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5 Herbs for Anxiety

Nov 17, 2020

Below are several herbs for treating anxiety and stress but won’t leave you feeling groggy making them ideal for daytime use. All of these herbs not only ease anxiety but provide a general lift in mood and energy. Try brewing them as a tea or using a prepared tincture to take for a mid-afternoon slump, when you’re feeling tired and overworked or just as a general pick me up. 


Lemon Balm

This is a wonderful herb for all-around happiness, reduction in anxiety and mild depression. It is a part of the mint family and has a lemon-like scent and flavor. It is particularly useful for treating anxiety when chilled. Drink this tea iced or mix it with lemonade when you are feeling anxious, have tension, low energy or a general feeling of sadness. In addition to being an amazing mood lifter, lemon balm is also highly useful for allergies and digestive disorders. 


Holy Basil

Otherwise known as Tulsi; this herb is available in great abundance and is relatively...

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When Healing Becomes Destructive

Sep 22, 2020

Spiritual healing is in my opinion, a necessary part of any healthy life and therefore, must be talked about when it comes to self-care. It's the process of understanding and more importantly, accepting who we truly are. It can also be the process of healing old wounds that prevent us from achieving our highest potential. It is clearing blocks created by ourselves and/or the environment so that we can have the freedom to find happiness, love, compassion, and strength. 

When used correctly, the process of healing can make all the difference between a mediocre life and a life that is rich with abundance and joy. When used incorrectly, the process of healing can become addictive and destructive... no different from the abuse of drugs or alcohol. Some people are addicted to playing the victim so that they have something to heal. They suffer from always needing to be the "wounded healer". The more they have suffered, the more they feel justified in their need to help others. 


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