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Our hair is our crown and glory. It has so many cosmic connections. It is part of our crown chakra which connects us to our highest selves and our spirit. For centuries many cultures have had different forms of hair magic practises and have worked with hair through spellwork, conjure, healing, self expression and even political statments.

Marie Laveau the promenant Voodoo preistess who was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisianna in the 1800's, worked with hair in a magical and mundane sense. She incorporated hair as a way to create magical conjure and connect on a much deeper level with her clients, finding out thier most hidden secrets. Further enforcing the concept of weaving magical practices into daily life.   

Joan of arc made her stance when she cut her long locks off to a very short hairstyle to make herself look more like her male soldiers. This was quite a taboo thing to do for the times as womans hair was seen as long and feminine. She cut her hair as a way to make her presences known and her mission taken seriously and cutting her hair was a big representation of that. Joan cutting her locks was so symbolic in many ways as well as making a politcal statement. When we cut hair we are expressing ourselves in new ways and making room for new growth.  

In acient Greece, Athenian boys would grow thier hair until they reached the age of 18 or 19 which was the age they would get thier citizenship. They would cut thier hair and give it to the god Apollo as an offering for protection. 



Cutting our hair can be quite therapudic. Next time you get a haircut try putting an intention of cutting cords with what no longer serves you in your life. It is a great way to let go, release and bring on positive new change and new grwoth into your life. 

The acient Roman women wore thier hair in different styles as a symbol of marital status. Married woman would wear thier hair in simple styles such as a loose knot that would sit low on the neckline. Unmarried women however would wear thier hair in more intrcuit styles. Braids were quite popular with acient Roman woman. Unmarried woman wore a hairdtyle that included 6 braids. The vestal virgins who were the priestesses of acient rome and worshipped the goddess of the hearth Vesta, wore thier hair in 6 braids and would have it wrapped in a viel. The 6 braided hairstyle was a symbol of chastity.



Braids are also a way of practicing knot magic. Knot magic is an acient form of magic which consists of knotting or braiding ribbon, hair, rope, anything that can be knotted or tied and while creating the knot or braid, setting your intention and casting your spell as you do so.

Acient Egyptians were also quite connected spiritually to thier hair, especially womans hair. They would care for thier lucious locks with natural oils and have it brushed and combed sitting neatly. Wigs were also quite popular. As hair was scene as a symbol of connecting to the divine it was well taken care of. However hair was also a way to express emotion in acient egypt. When a woman was in mourning she would have her hair un kept, unbrushed and falling over her face as she wept. It was a way of allowing others to know that she was in mourning. 

The egyptian goddess Isis, goddess of magic is known for her beautiful long locks of hair and it is a symbol that represents her. It is said that when Isis was grieving and in mourning she then made love to Orisis and flipped her hair over them to give them privacy. Acient Egyptians believed that making love after a period of mourning was a symbol of creating new life. From death there always comes new life. 


*Peppermint oil hair ritual 

Add 2 drops of pepermint oil with a carrier oil (like coconut oil or olive oil) and massage into your scalp. Invoke goddesses of beauty like Venus, Isis , Hera or a dietie that you connect with that has a connection with hair as you massage your scalp. Peppermint oil promotes hair growth and a halthy scalp. This is also a great ritual for clearly your crown chakra. once the oil has been massaged through brush it through to the ends of your hair. As you brush imagine all the stress that you carry in your head being brushed off and cleared from your crown. Leave the oil in for 10mins then wash your hair with shampoo and a conditioner. 

You could also do this ritual with lavender oil which will help with sleep and soothe the scalp and crown chakra.  

So next time you grab your hair brush and brush through those beautiful locks that are apart of you, remember they are apart of your spirit and need your attention more then you think. Take care of that beatiful crown. 

By Molly LV 

- The Art Witch Attic


Molly LV is an Australian based intuitive artist, writer and hairdresser. She draws her work from various forms of inspirations and perspectives such as spirituality, archetypes and nature studies. She is the founder of The Art Witch Attic, a creative hub for magic, mediumship and mythology with tools to empower an artistic intuitive life.

Instagram: @theartwitchattic

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Website: www.theartwitch.net 



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