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I didn't really have a choice when it came to being a morning person. My mother had to be at work at six in the morning, so we'd get up pretty early so that she could drop me off at my aunt's place until I was old enough to walk to school by myself. I've been getting up at four in the morning my entire life, and even when I started being responsible for my own schedule, I find it challenging to stay in bed past seven. It's a minor miracle if I can sleep until eight. 

I may have griped about getting up early when I was a kid, but I'd be grateful for it now. The world's most successful people often talk about the importance of a morning ritual. Rituals repetitive practices that lets your brain know it's time for a specific action. 

A nighttime ritual tells your brain it's time to wind down before. While a morning ritual tells your mind that it's time to wake up and get moving. What you include in your morning ritual can dramatically improve your productivity, focus, and overall well-being. 

I need to be focused because I run a business, and if the day starts poorly, it's likely to end that way too. So I always start my day with a ritual to get me going. I've tweaked it over the years, and sometimes I switch things out, but it's more or less what I'm sharing here. I haven't reinvented the wheel by any means, but I do put my personal spin on things. Use my ritual as a guideline for creating your own. 





Setting the tone for the day through scent

I keep two aroma diffusers in my bedroom. One is for my nighttime ritual, which I keep a little further away from the bed, and the other is for my morning ritual, which I keep on my nightstand. Before I go to bed, I fill it with water and the morning scent of my choice. Then I turn it on right when I wake up in the morning. 

I make sure the scent is bright and refreshing so that it will gently wake me up if I happen to lay back down for a few more moments of sleep. It's an excellent way to awaken the senses in the morning. 



To balance and start my day with calm

Most of the time, it's best to do a breathing exercise in the morning and on an empty stomach. So naturally, when you first wake up is a great time to take a few minutes to breathe consciously. I like to use Ujjayi Breath, also known as "victorious breath." 

This style of breathing is pretty common in yoga to inspire focus, but it also builds energy, has a balancing effect, and encourages the flow of "prana" or the body's life force. So I've found it to be a nice, gentle way to get the energy of the body flowing. 



To feel energized and refreshed

I probably shouldn't admit this, but I love coffee so much that sometimes I can't wait to sleep just so that I can wake up and have a cup of coffee. But starting your day with something like that isn't ideal. 

For one, your body has been asleep for several hours, so when you wake up in the morning, it's likely to be craving hydration, which is why you might have the urge to go for coffee, juice, or a quick bite to eat. But what your body really needs is some water to replenish your fluids and kickstart your metabolism. 

It was hard for me to incorporate this part of my routine, but I genuinely feel better prepared when I have a glass of water before eating or drinking anything else. 



A few moments to think about the beauty & abundance in my life

Everyone recommends keeping a gratitude journal, and I've done so off and on for years. But to be honest, I didn't put too much energy into it until my therapist gave me a little tweak. She told me to write down things I'm grateful for that have already happened, but also, write down some gratitude for things that haven't happened yet. 

The trick is to write them down as though they've already happened. For example, if you want to have a child, you might write down, "I am grateful for my beautiful and healthy baby." Or if you're going to buy a new home, you might write down, "I am grateful for finding the perfect home that has all of the details I've been looking for." 

Being grateful for things that haven't happened yet lets the universe know you have faith that it will happen soon. Keeping a journal in this way is an excellent opportunity to pay attention to what you already have but also a moment to check in with your goals for the future. 

One day, you'll look through your journal and be amazed by all of the things that have filled up your life and by all of those little dreams that came true. 



A little bit of guidance to navigate my day

I prefer to pull oracle cards instead of tarot cards for my daily pulls. I like to stick with the same deck for a month, and the deck I choose depends on the goals I have for that month and what energy I want to call in. 

Tarot cards are great for more significant life events, but I have found that they aren't so good for everyday happenings. But that's just my opinion, and if you do pull daily cards, it's more important to use a deck that resonates with you. 


I go on about my day from there. What are your morning rituals? Share your comments below.


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