How To Survive Mercury Retrograde

astrology transits Sep 22, 2020

We are almost halfway through Mercury Retrograde and I don’t know about you, but this is probably the easiest Mercury Rx I’ve ever experienced. Since I became aware of the influence of Mercury Rx, I’ve noticed certain patterns during those periods that never seem to fail. For example, my power typically goes off once or twice, something always goes wrong with my printer, my iPhone gets wonky and I often have a cough or itchy throat. At first, I thought there’s no way all of this could be happening as a result of Mercury going retrograde. Fast forward through 4 years, studying this cosmic phenomenon and there is no way I can deny the effect of backward-moving Mercury.

But this time has been different for me. I haven’t had any of the typical electronic malfunctions (fingers crossed, I won’t) or any sort of assault on my throat. I’ve been a bit irritated but I attribute that to Sun in Aries rather than Mercury retro. So far so good but it’s kind of left me waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’ve wondered what made this Mercury Rx different from all the others. So I spent the past week contemplating my mercury “transcendence” if you will.

I believe this period to be easier because I’ve started working with the energy instead of pushing against it. All energy, no matter how peaceful or chaotic can be transformational if used correctly. But I’ll get into that in just a bit. Before I start talking about the ways in which we can use Mercury Rx for growth, I’d like to discuss with you a little about what Mercury Rx actually is.

We know Mercury Rx as Mercury rotating backward which isn’t actually true. Mercury only appears to be going backward but really, Mercury just slowed down and Earth is able to pass it. Think of it like this, Mercury and Earth are driving together on the highway with Mercury in the lead because Earth is a slower driver. When suddenly, Mercury’s engine overheats and has to pull over. Earth continues on while Mercury stays behind to fix its situation. After a little while, Mercury is back in the game as the speed racer it is and zooms past Earth, leaving a trail of dust in its rearview mirror. Earth gets hit with all of that dust and debris, causing Earth to be temporarily blinded from the road ahead. It isn’t that Mercury goes backward, it just needs to take a short break for a while to recharge its batteries.

Now let’s talk about Mercury from the spiritual perspective. This is the planet of communication. It determines how we communicate our thoughts and emotions with the outside world. Typically, we’ve been lead to see Mercury Rx as a time when things are miscommunicated. Perhaps things are misunderstood or something got lost in translation. Of course, all of this can be true for this time if you are working against this transformational energy. You’re focusing on the effect not the cause.

Earlier I said this Mercury Rx was different for me because I started working with it instead of against. Here’s what I meant. I stopped expecting Mercury Rx to be a time when communication would be down and instead, I embraced it as a time when my communication with the outside world needed some time off. Now that doesn’t mean I’ve gone off the grid and have refused to talk to others. I still communicate with the world as I’m doing here, with this post. But my focus shifted from analyzing how I communicate with the outside world to how I communicate with myself. I began to be more mindful of my own inner dialogue which will ultimately impact my outer dialogue. I started becoming aware of my self-defeating thoughts as well as my empowering ones. I started noticing how often my thoughts bounced from one thing to another and when they fixated on a single thing. Essentially, I became so much more aware of how I communicate my thoughts and feelings to others by acknowledging how I communicate my own thoughts and feelings to myself.

What that did for me was astounding. The story is no longer about not getting my point across to others. I’ve had less misunderstood communication because I fully understand what it is I wish to communicate. You see, Mercury slows down so that you can catch up. It’s giving you a break to be able to get some clarity on your inner dialogue so that you can become a better communicator once Mercury is back at full speed. My advice for having a better Mercury Rx is to stop trying to communicate better with others and start learning how to communicate more positively with yourself. Speak to yourself the way you wish you could speak to others. Better still, speak to yourself the way you want others to speak to you.


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