Crystals for Psychic Protection

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2020


This magical gem is a favorite among healers, witches, shamans, oracles and the like. It is known as the “stone of magic” and comes with some pretty cool abilities to strengthen psychic powers, access the Akashic Records and work with spirits of various kinds. However, this stone is also one of, if not the most shielding crystal known to the gem world. It provides a protective barrier around the aura both in the physical realms and while attempting to access other levels of spirit and consciousness. It is an ideal stone to work with during transcendent meditations and astral travel due to its ability to help one move between worlds without losing a sense of self. Finally, this stone helps to strengthen one’s inner spirit by sealing leaks in one’s energy field and providing a shield from other’s attempting to steal your energy. Carry labradorite with you if you think you may be a victim of psychic vampirism, a curse or if you think you may have an entity attached to you. 


Black Kyanite

This is a must have in any gem collection if you are a healer of any kind. This blade-like gemstone has such a high energy that it can be used to cleanse other stones and it never needs to be cleansed itself. It immediately starts to heal and ground any person that comes into contact with its energy by aligning, cleansing and repairing any tears in the chakras’ energy centers. It surrounds the aura in a protective shield that deflects negative energy and you’ll find that those wishing to do you harm will have a hard time being around you when you have Black Kyanite in your energy field. 



This is another that does not need to be cleansed and can cleanse the energy of other stones. It has one of the highest vibrations in the mineral kingdom and puts a protective barrier around your person and your personal space. It completely removes negative energy from the aura and from any room that it is placed in, providing a sense of safety and tranquility. Selenite is ideal to grid your home with to keep any negative energy from entering or attacking while you are most vulnerable including during sleep. Selenite also helps to make a direct connection with one’s spirit guides and guardian angels. Use selenite to call in your guides to ask them for additional protection and shielding. 



This stone which is actually volcanic glass protects and shields against all forms of negative energy but what makes this gem ideal is that it draws out low vibration emotions including trauma, stress, anxiety and pain from the wearer. These low frequencies can leave one’s aura open to attack which is why obsidian is commonly recommended for grief. All forms of obsidian are protective and absorb negative energy but each variety also carries with it additional attributes. 


Black Obsidian provides strength and support during difficult times such as death, lack of security or abuse. It is especially ideal for those who are unaware of how their actions continue to hurt them. 


Mahogany Obsidian strengthens the aura but is a weaker and slower acting form of obsidian. This variety is ideal for long term use or in addition to another variety of obsidian. 


Golden and Purple Sheen Obsidian are ideal for protection during divination and both can be used for scrying. They create a window to the spiritual realm while providing a barrier that keeps malicious entities from being able to pierce the veil. 



This is a deep green form of jasper that has been used for protection for centuries. It is especially ideal for protection against bullying, gossip and injuries. It helps one to know when to stand up for themselves and to find the courage to do so. However, it also helps one to discern when to retreat or to try a different approach. It has a very nurturing energy and helps one to find clarity during misunderstandings or when you are unaware of the source of someone’s hostility.


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