10 Herbs for Divination Work

divination herbs Sep 24, 2020

Use the herbs listed below in your clairvoyance teas, incenses and to spread around your divination table or sacred space to improve accuracy and confidence. Many of these herbs also double as protection to keep those malicious spirits out of your reading. 



Let’s get right down to business and start with the big divination herb. Mugwort is a common ingredient in dream spells and pillows. It is associated with the element of Air; being an herb that increases mental focus and awareness. It provides prophetic dreams and is a common herb to scatter around divination tables and crystals balls for increased clarity and accuracy. It is especially beneficial as a tea to increase clairvoyant abilities. 


White Willow

This herb is associated with the moon and therefore spiritual energy and illumination. It is also associated with the element of water and reaching deep into the subconscious to pull out information that may be hiding. It is considered a sacred tree and will protect you during divination work. 



This easy to grow flower promotes confidence and spiritual opening for the development of psychic abilities. It is a must-have in every witch’s closet and a favorite among those who study the craft. Brew as a tea to improve your psychic perception, awareness, and clarity, especially for readings that involve love or marriage. 



This is another great herb to use for divination related to love and that of a potential mate. It is an all-purpose herb that can be used for many different spells but especially for love spells. It is said, burning cinquefoil as an incense while scrying or reading tarot will bring dreams of a lover that same night. 



Add cinnamon to teas and incense to raise spiritual vibrations and to increase psychic powers. It increases your personal power making it an ideal choice for those who are new to divination or new to reading for other people. It is also very protective and will help to keep evil spirits from crossing the veil. 



This herb has an uplifting effect and is a welcome addition to divination incenses. It is especially potent when used in combination with mugwort or when consulting your pendulum. This herb was once used to raise spirits and can be used when seeking to reach a loved one who has passed over. Please note, wormwood can be poisonous when ingested. 



We all know and love patchouli. It smells amazing and is a frequent ingredient in money, love and fertility magic. But it can also be burned to increase clairvoyant abilities. Scott Cunningham recommends an incense blend of cinnamon, juniper, patchouli, and sandalwood for reading tarot cards and crystals. Patchouli helps one to stay grounded while venturing to other realms or attempting to contact spirits. 


Bay Leaf

You probably have this herb lying around in your kitchen cupboard. It promotes strength, healing, purity and psychic awareness as well as prophetic dreams. Burning bay leaves is said to increase visions and to ward off evil spirits. Additionally, bay is known as a wishing herb. Write your wish on a bay leaf and if it catches fire, your wish will come true. Your wish will not come true if it refuses to burn or lights and goes out quickly. 



This is a less common herb but can be added to any incense or herbal mixture intended for divination to increase its potency. This is especially true when added with frankincense.



This herb is associated with air and helps to improve memory, sharpen the senses and have a more positive outlook on like. An infusion of this herb can be added to the eyelids to stimulate visions and to increase psychic powers, especially when done consistently over time. Carry a piece with you to improve intuition overall. 


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