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10 Must Have Plants for the Healing Witch’s Garden

Mar 02, 2021

Spring is almost upon us and it’s time to start planting. Below is a list of 10 herbs that are a must have for any healing witch’s apothecary. Don’t have a yard to grow your herbs? No worries, there are several links down at the bottom of this page with information for gardening in containers and small spaces. 


Botanical Name: Calendula Officinalis

Otherwise known as pot marigold, calendula is a must have for treating skin conditions including insect bites, sunburn and general irritation. It is often found in ointments used to treat and dress wounds and is gentle enough for children, infants and sensitive skin. In addition to skin irritation, calendula can be used to treat many oral conditions, reduce eye inflammation and is often used to break a fever. Please note, African Marigold is commonly found in nurseries but isn’t the same as Pot Marigold and should never be used for medicinal purposes. 


St. John’s Wort


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Yule Traditions - Old Ways, New Magic!

Dec 08, 2020

How does one celebrate Yule as a modern day Pagan? It can be challenging to say the least as the sabbats are all rooted in life on the farm and working with the natural cycles as a means of both survival and celebration. While most of us may not live on farms these days, that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to celebrate the traditions our ancestors held dear. We will now review some of the more modern yule celebrations and practices so that you have an idea of how to incorporate the elements of winter into your mundane lives. Let’s start with some of the elements of winter and how they can easily apply to the modern world. 


The cycle of life and death plays a critical role in Yule. We are familiar with life, action, energy and vitality but so rarely do we spend enough time contemplating the energy of death. Everything comes to a halt in winter. Trees are barren, animals are nestled in their dens and the conditions make it impossible for...

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Ritual Hair Magic + Three practices to try

Dec 02, 2020

Our hair is our crown and glory. It has so many cosmic connections. It is part of our crown chakra which connects us to our highest selves and our spirit. For centuries many cultures have had different forms of hair magic practises and have worked with hair through spellwork, conjure, healing, self expression and even political statments.

Marie Laveau the promenant Voodoo preistess who was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisianna in the 1800's, worked with hair in a magical and mundane sense. She incorporated hair as a way to create magical conjure and connect on a much deeper level with her clients, finding out thier most hidden secrets. Further enforcing the concept of weaving magical practices into daily life.   

Joan of arc made her stance when she cut her long locks off to a very short hairstyle to make herself look more like her male soldiers. This was quite a taboo thing to do for the times as womans hair was seen as long and feminine. She cut her hair as a way to...

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Crystals for Psychic Protection

Nov 24, 2020


This magical gem is a favorite among healers, witches, shamans, oracles and the like. It is known as the “stone of magic” and comes with some pretty cool abilities to strengthen psychic powers, access the Akashic Records and work with spirits of various kinds. However, this stone is also one of, if not the most shielding crystal known to the gem world. It provides a protective barrier around the aura both in the physical realms and while attempting to access other levels of spirit and consciousness. It is an ideal stone to work with during transcendent meditations and astral travel due to its ability to help one move between worlds without losing a sense of self. Finally, this stone helps to strengthen one’s inner spirit by sealing leaks in one’s energy field and providing a shield from other’s attempting to steal your energy. Carry labradorite with you if you think you may be a victim of psychic vampirism, a curse or if you think you may...

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5 Herbs for Anxiety

Nov 17, 2020

Below are several herbs for treating anxiety and stress but won’t leave you feeling groggy making them ideal for daytime use. All of these herbs not only ease anxiety but provide a general lift in mood and energy. Try brewing them as a tea or using a prepared tincture to take for a mid-afternoon slump, when you’re feeling tired and overworked or just as a general pick me up. 


Lemon Balm

This is a wonderful herb for all-around happiness, reduction in anxiety and mild depression. It is a part of the mint family and has a lemon-like scent and flavor. It is particularly useful for treating anxiety when chilled. Drink this tea iced or mix it with lemonade when you are feeling anxious, have tension, low energy or a general feeling of sadness. In addition to being an amazing mood lifter, lemon balm is also highly useful for allergies and digestive disorders. 


Holy Basil

Otherwise known as Tulsi; this herb is available in great abundance and is relatively...

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10 Herbs for Divination Work

Sep 24, 2020

Use the herbs listed below in your clairvoyance teas, incenses and to spread around your divination table or sacred space to improve accuracy and confidence. Many of these herbs also double as protection to keep those malicious spirits out of your reading. 



Let’s get right down to business and start with the big divination herb. Mugwort is a common ingredient in dream spells and pillows. It is associated with the element of Air; being an herb that increases mental focus and awareness. It provides prophetic dreams and is a common herb to scatter around divination tables and crystals balls for increased clarity and accuracy. It is especially beneficial as a tea to increase clairvoyant abilities. 


White Willow

This herb is associated with the moon and therefore spiritual energy and illumination. It is also associated with the element of water and reaching deep into the subconscious to pull out information that may be hiding. It is considered a...

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When Healing Becomes Destructive

Sep 22, 2020

Spiritual healing is in my opinion, a necessary part of any healthy life and therefore, must be talked about when it comes to self-care. It's the process of understanding and more importantly, accepting who we truly are. It can also be the process of healing old wounds that prevent us from achieving our highest potential. It is clearing blocks created by ourselves and/or the environment so that we can have the freedom to find happiness, love, compassion, and strength. 

When used correctly, the process of healing can make all the difference between a mediocre life and a life that is rich with abundance and joy. When used incorrectly, the process of healing can become addictive and destructive... no different from the abuse of drugs or alcohol. Some people are addicted to playing the victim so that they have something to heal. They suffer from always needing to be the "wounded healer". The more they have suffered, the more they feel justified in their need to help others. 


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Self-Care vs. Self-Investment

Sep 22, 2020

How much have you invested in yourself today? 

I make it a point to ask myself that question at the end of every day. Not so long ago, I heard this speech about how to be successful. The speaker talked about seeing yourself as a CEO and your life as the company you manage. He went on to talk about self-investment and how important it is to make sure you always have your life’s best and most profitable plan in mind. 

It got me thinking about many sessions I’ve had with my therapist over the years. She often tells me something similar and we have an exercise where I talk to the psychological board members of my life. She’s not just my therapist but also my business coach since she offers both services. She is always telling me that I need to re-invest 25% of what I make into myself. 

But it isn’t enough to invest in yourself financially. Sure you should buy that dream car, take a vacation, sign up for that workshop, or upgrade your wardrobe....

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My Morning Routine

Sep 22, 2020


I didn't really have a choice when it came to being a morning person. My mother had to be at work at six in the morning, so we'd get up pretty early so that she could drop me off at my aunt's place until I was old enough to walk to school by myself. I've been getting up at four in the morning my entire life, and even when I started being responsible for my own schedule, I find it challenging to stay in bed past seven. It's a minor miracle if I can sleep until eight. 

I may have griped about getting up early when I was a kid, but I'd be grateful for it now. The world's most successful people often talk about the importance of a morning ritual. Rituals repetitive practices that lets your brain know it's time for a specific action. 

A nighttime ritual tells your brain it's time to wind down before. While a morning ritual tells your mind that it's time to wake up and get moving. What you include in your morning ritual can dramatically improve...

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How To Survive Mercury Retrograde

Sep 22, 2020

We are almost halfway through Mercury Retrograde and I don’t know about you, but this is probably the easiest Mercury Rx I’ve ever experienced. Since I became aware of the influence of Mercury Rx, I’ve noticed certain patterns during those periods that never seem to fail. For example, my power typically goes off once or twice, something always goes wrong with my printer, my iPhone gets wonky and I often have a cough or itchy throat. At first, I thought there’s no way all of this could be happening as a result of Mercury going retrograde. Fast forward through 4 years, studying this cosmic phenomenon and there is no way I can deny the effect of backward-moving Mercury.

But this time has been different for me. I haven’t had any of the typical electronic malfunctions (fingers crossed, I won’t) or any sort of assault on my throat. I’ve been a bit irritated but I attribute that to Sun in Aries rather than Mercury retro. So far so good but...

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