An online sanctuary to support you in defining and developing your authentic spiritual practice. 

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Welcome Holy One,

The world is waking up one third eye at a time. There's a shift happening, and if you are here, this means you are ready to experience this shift in your life. You're ready to embrace your inner truth, choose self-care over overwhelming hustle, and reclaim your power.

I have experienced all of this and more through the process of finding my inner sacredness, and I've spent nearly 16 years learning everything I can about spirituality. Some of it was intentional, while some dropped in my lap when I was ready to receive it.

I've taken an endless array of courses, workshops, and certifications, as well as countless hours of self-study and research. Everything from tarot to dream interpretation to chakras, sound healing, breathwork, priestess training, and the list goes on.

But my everyday spiritual practice doesn't consist of all of these things, at least not all at once. Imagine how overwhelming it might be to seek the most authentic parts of yourself while organizing a never-ending flow of information.

We live in a time of unlimited and constant connection. A connection that has opened the door to seemingly infinite ways one can learn to express themselves. But that also means information overload, and whether you're a spiritual beginner or have some experience, this amount of information can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed.

That's why I've created the School of Sacred, an online sanctuary to support you in defining and developing your authentic spiritual practice.

Through a process I call Spiritual Architecture, I will introduce you to the various spiritual tools, practices, and mediums, then help you eliminate the things that do not support you, your healing journey, and your goals.

Architecture is defined as the arrangement of parts that give something its basic form. A basic structure to help you to determine which spiritual paths are most meaningful to you. And that's what you'll find here, at the School of Sacred.

And, of course, your practice will change over time as you and your life change. So you'll also learn how to spot the need to slow down and re-evaluate your spiritual goals and practice.

This school is not a series of lectures, and I'm not here to be your spiritual guru. The School of Sacred is merely a guideline I've put together to help you to find your inner sacredness and authority. And to help you to figure out which tools and practices can best support your path.

I've spent so much of my life learning the knowledge I now give to you. The universe has pushed me down this path of teaching the practice of sacredness. I tried to avoid it for a long time but, the universe has made it clear, all of these healing modalities have come into my consciousness so that I can provide a practical guideline to help you discover your truth. You don't have to spend 16 years as I did. Instead, you can start getting to the heart of your practice today.

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Each month, you will receive

The Ritual Planner

A monthly PDF of rituals and practices for the mind, body, and home based on the energy of each month's zodiac sign, full moon, and new moon. 


The Spiritual Toolkit

A resource library of videos and downloadable PDFs covering a variety of spiritual topics. From tarot card interpretations to guided meditations to animal energy. Dive deeper with an ever-evolving resource of tools, rituals, exercises, and symbols to take your practice to the next level. 


Masterclasses and Workshops

Masterclasses are your foundational curriculum. These are the basic principles of any spiritual practice and so, these are longer and more in depth. Masterclasses will be offered seasonally and are accompanied with a workbook, audio recordings, and additional bonuses . 


Workshops are monthly and cover more specific topics. You can expect a variety of topics like moon magic, individual chakras, elements, deities, signs, divination, and self-care to name but a few. 


All courses consist of short, yet impactful videos so that you don’t have to spend endless hours learning what you need to know. Many courses are accompanied with workbooks and additional recordings were necessary. 


The School of Sacred is completely self-paced and you will have access to all course material for the lifetime of your membership.

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